Bryce Mann
28589 Tollhouse Rd. Box 283
Tollhouse, Ca. 93667
Cell Phone: 559-779-2439
E-Mail: gundogs@psnw.com

GSP Puppy


JANUARY/2013 We would like to announce the breeding of Trigger Mann's Silver Bullet and Rancho Lerma's Hershey Kiss. The natural ability expected from this breeding pair should make any hunter happy.

MARCH/2013: Heshey has given birth to 2 males and 3 females! The puppies are now 6 weeks old and we are accepting deposits. Puppies are $750. Please call for more information.

For Bullets Pedigree http://www.gun-dogs.net/bullet.html
For Hershey's Pedigree http://www.brycemann.com/hershey.html


male1 female1
male1 female1
Male 1 Female 1
male2 female2
male2 female2
Male 2 Female 2
Female 3

Thank you for your interest in Bryce Mann's Gun Dogs. As a breeder of German Shorthaired Pointers, I constantly test the dogs abilities in hunt tests and gun dog competitions. Our dogs are the result of very careful breedings to assure purity of the breed , sound health and conformation to American Kennel Club standards. We also certify our dogs with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and A.K.C. DNA registries. Our puppies are preferably sold to select hunting homes.

In addition to our own line of GSP's we are actively involved with many different breeders and can help you find a pup of almost any breed of sporting dog. Along with breed and breeder referrals we are also part of the GSP Rescue and Sporting Dog Rescue programs. Let us help you with a breed selection , puppy placement or rescue.